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Motley Crue-


Too Fast For Love ( Leathur Mix)

 1 Live Wire

2 Public Enemy #1

3 Take Me To the Top

4 Merry Go Round

5 Piece of Your Action

6 Starry Eyes

7 Stick To Your Guns

8 Come On And Dance

9 Too Fast For Love

10 On With The Shown

11 Toast of the Town (Single)

12 Stick To Your Guns (Demo Version)

13 Take Me To the Top (Live)

14 Live Wire (Live)


Shout Demos

1 Too Young To Fall In Love

2 Shout At the Devil

3 Run For Your Life

4 I Will Survive

5 God Bless the Children of the Beast/ Black Widow

6 Looks That Kill

7 Red Hot

8 Running Wild In the Night

9 Black Widow

10 Knock’em Dead Kid

11 Hotter Than Hell


Rare Demos

Rock Candy (Vince Neil’s Band 1979)

1 She’s Gold

2 I Really Wanna Dance With You

3 Let’s Get Rockin Tonight

4 My Girls Waiting For Me

5 all American Kid


Sister (Nikki Sixx 1979)

1 Don’t Know What I Am

2 80’s Ladies

3 Sweet Dreams


London (Nikki Sixx & Blackie Lawless 1980)

1 Nobody Loves You Like I Do

2 Straight From the Heart

3 Oh What A Dream Girl


Motley (Live)

1 Two- Timer

2 Department of Youth